About us

MS Logic is internationally recognized vehicles transport carrier established in 2011 in the Republic of Estonia. An enterprise operates as transport and forwarding provider in entire Western and Eastern European countries.

Our company is full service provider of auto shipping logistics for all types of vehicles in Europe. We listen to our customers and never lose sight of the fact that we are serving people like us with unique and special needs, not just transporting vehicles. Our customers include vehicle manufacturers, individuals relocating anywhere within Europe, auto dealerships, vacationers, car collectors, corporations, and more. We handle logistics for the growing market. Dealerships and individuals who sell cars realize that buyers demand a fast and reliable car transport service so that they can get behind the wheel of their new car as quickly as possible.

Our experience culminates all aspects of the vehicle shipping industry: we are experienced vehicle transporters and dispatchers. This experience allows us to find and maintain quality relationships with our clients providing high quality service and great results. In addition, we are certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

Contact us today via email or by phone with any questions you may have about vehicles transport or to get a customized quote from one of our transport specialists.

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